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The Top 5 Study Apps You Need To Download

The Top 5 Study Apps You Need To Download

Studying is difficult, we all know that. In general, college is a challenge in itself. Lucky for us, we have technology at our disposal that can be extremely helpful in so many ways. One of them is studying, of course! We found the best apps you should download to help you study and ace those exams!


Quizlet is one of the most popular apps among students. You can use it in a few ways, from making flashcards for yourself to study games and even matching games to help you remember the material better. On top of all that, there is also a feature in which you can test yourself on the material you learned.


Another popular choice is Evernote. It’s a note-taking app that is available both on Android and iOS. It helps you collect your ideas into the form of notebooks that you can search through, plus to-do lists as well as checklists. To top it off, you can also use this app to scan documents and cards.


Math is a very difficult subject, and this app is here to help you with it. PhotoMath has the capability to solve mathematical expressions using your smartphone camera. It also provides a step-by-step guide so you can understand exactly how the problem was solved.


If you want to squeeze in quick study sessions whenever you can, AnkiApp is a great choice. The app tests your knowledge in 1 minute or less using flashcards. It also uses an algorithm that prioritizes which cards it shows you in order to make sure you learn them more efficiently.


StudyBlue makes studying on-the-go and tracking your learning progress nice and easy. It has access to a library with 500+ study guides, flashcards, textbook solutions, and custom quizzes. The best part? All these things were created by students.

So what are you waiting for? Go ace those tests!


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