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Top SEO Audit Tools for Better Website Analysis in 2019

Top SEO Audit Tools for Better Website Analysis in 2019 - Host Yuppie Article Directory

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important tool in increasing the visibility of a website. In order to achieve a better insight of the webpages, audits are conducted by SEO experts which can be a time consuming process, and one that requires the auditor to have a keen eye. Since going through hundreds of webpages is not an easy task, SEO audit tools are utilized in order to ease the task of auditing. more
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Treatment - Host Yuppie Article Directory

  What is the Carpal Tunnel? The carpal bones of the hand form a “C” shaped ring that is covered by a ligament. There are eight of these bones that vary in size and shape to make up the wrist area. This ligament and bony structures form the carpal tunnel through which the median nerve and nine tendons pass. These tendons flex the fingers and thumb. Any condition that affects the size of this tunnel can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. more
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Do You Have Excess Stomach Acid? Acidreflex – GERD

Do You Have Excess Stomach Acid? Acidreflex – GERD - Host Yuppie Article Directory

  Two of the most common health issues affecting both men and women are heartburn and acid reflux. When we eat food the food passes through the esophagus, then through the lower esophageal door to the stomach. Our stomach produces hydrochloric acid to aid in the digestion of this food and if the acid generated is in excess it travels upwards. If the esophageal door is relaxed the excess acid leaks into our esophagus causing acid reflux. more
0 - 0 Views : 448

3 Situations When You’re Better Off Not Building Websites With WordPress

3 Situations When You’re Better Off Not Building Websites With WordPress - Host Yuppie Article Directory

Traditionally a blogging platform, WordPress is now highly popular for all types of sites, from portfolio showcases to B2B lead capture to ecommerce sales. It’s easy to see the attraction – after all, it’s easy to get started on WordPress. The platform is highly customizable and flexible, it integrates with pretty much everything, and it’s built for content marketing. But just because WordPress is good for many business websites, doesn’t mean it’s the ideal solution for every website. Sometimes websites need a platform that is faster, has more features ready out of the box, or includes dedicated site and hosting support. more
0 - 1 Views : 1432

The Role of Social Media in Your Website SEO

The Role of Social Media in Your Website SEO - Host Yuppie Article Directory

  Social media has become integral to the way we use the Internet. The important content is not only linked, but it is also shared, liked, tweeted and pinned. How people use the Internet has drastically changed, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed at the Googleplex. Many of the independent studies on Google’s ranking algorithm show a large correlation with high-ranking pages having strong social media activity. more
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