Need Linux Server Administrator?

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We help you get the best performance out of your Linux infrastructure server with security in mind. Whether you need your new Linux server setup or its an existing one Linux server. You can hire us to install software, configure or maintain the overall security of your Linux server.

Linux is the most popular server platform used in the industry due to its low redundancy and resource load, stability and security. However, Linux servers could face performance and security issues if not setup or maintained properly. With regular security/performance optimization and emergency server administration, our Linux administration delivers high server uptime and reliability. HostYuppie Linux Systems Administrators can deliver 24/7 end customer technical support and provide reactive/preventive server management that keep your service online during high end server loads.

A Linux system administrator can handle a wide rang of tasks. Here’s a summary of what we do to keep your Linux server infrastructure at top performance.

24/7 Emergency Linux administration

Today’s Linux servers come with lots of resource hungry applications that are sometimes installed by default and they can hinder its resources by running applications at peak times. With 24/7 monitoring and emergency Linux administration, we ensure your Linux servers meet the performance standards and insure it runs at its optimal performance.

Resource abuse issues
Our Linux server administrators look for memory usage spikes – Such issues lead to increased page swapping, and thereby sluggish service performance. Particular applications and users causing the memory spike are found through load monitoring tools, and using debugging tools, so we can see what applications are causing the issue.

Patch and upgrade management

Sometimes Linux servers need timely patching and server upgrades to ensure security and a better performance increasing user experience, but it could lead to service downtimes if not managed properly. Its our priority to keep your servers updated, while ensuring zero downtime for you or your clients.

We also can do the following:

Monitoring System Customization
Backup Management
Security Administration
Optimization Software Configuration
Server Deployments & Setup
Web Server Management
Database Server Management
Mail Server Management & Security
Data Analysis and Review

Contact us today for your Linux Server Administration Needs!

Server Administrator

Need Linux Server Administrator? Order Now
  • Setup Server
  • Customise Settings
  • Install Server Software
  • Upgrade PHP
  • Security Audit
  • Apache Upgrade
  • MySQL upgrades
  • Repair / Upgrades
  • and more etc
  • 90 Day Guarantee

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