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The votes are tallied and the critics have spoken, awarding HostYuppie as their top pick for best web hosting provider. HostYuppie praises itself for having the best web hosting for speed, reliability and support without comparison. Below are just a handful of noteworthy awards given to HostYuppie.

Top Pick Host 2008

HostYuppie Website Professionals
Great services when it comes to support as well as available hosting features. is the all-round web host that has shown excellent skill in meeting almost any webmaster needs. With this host your truly get your moneys worth and for about $3/month you can consider your return on investment very high.

Top Choice Award 2006

HostYuppie Website Professionals is created and maintained by a group of individuals who really love and understand web hosting. Its All-in-One web hosting / blog hosting solution will give everything you need to setup a small business web site. With more than 8 1/2 years experience in shared web hosting industry, has more than 1,230+ customers currently. This is definitely a company you can trust to host your website with superb technical support and that passion of caring that they give to each divided detail to every customer.