Another Successful Website Migration! Ramblin With Roger

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Another successful website migration completed for Roger Green of “Ramblin’ With Roger” Roger runs a wordpress blog for the last several years. He had lots of content, images and a large database. We managed the full website migration process for Mr. Roger Green . We completed the whole process within 24 hours of contact and performed the following duties

Job Completed

  • Full content backup / images and files
  • MySQL database backup
  • Name registrar┬áDNS change
  • Dream Host Configuration
  • Website setup
  • User permissions
  • SFTP setup as well as shell setup
  • Uploaded all content / files and images
  • Created MySQL database and set user privileges
  • Restored database on Ramblin With Roger
  • Monitored website propagation / website for errors
  • Dreamhost debugging on file upload permission completed for WordPress
  • Turned over all information back to client for managing

Over all the website migration of wordpress went very well except for the Dreamhost restrictions applied for shared hosting which we identified and fixed for the client so that WordPress uploads would act accordingly.

Have a WordPress website? Not happy with your current web host or just want to move to another hosting provider? Contact our team of professionals to handle the process for you!


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Another Successful Website Migration! Ramblin With Roger Order Now
  • All Files & Images
  • 1 Website Migration
  • 1 Database Backup
  • Nameserver setup
  • Setup and configuration
  • 90 Day Guarantee

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