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Whether you want to move your blog or website to another host, we are here for you from start to finish.  We manage the whole process, so you and your clients or visitors don’t see any downtime or errors. They will never know you switched web host as we seamlessly do the full migration and name server process from start to finish. Then we monitor the full propagation and evaluate the site for errors or reconfiguration issues.  We work for you, so contact us today for your free quote!
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Basic Migration

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• All Files & Images
• 1 Website Migration
• No Databases
• Nameserver setup
• Setup and configuration

CMS Migration

• All Files & Images
• 1 Website Migration
• 1 Database Backup
• Nameserver setup
• Setup and configuration

Custom Migration

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• All Files & Images
• 3+ Websites Migration
• All Databases
• Nameserver setup
• Setup and configuration

Wordpress Install

Wordpress Setup
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• Wordpress Installed
• Theme Installed
• Database Setup
• SEO Optimized Permilinks
• Setup and configuration

Wordpress Plugin Install

Wordpress Plugins
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• Wordpress Plugin Installed
• Setup and configuration

Wordpress Widget Install

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• Wordpress Widget Installed
• Setup and configuration

W3C Site Validation

• 1 Page Site Validation
• Fix all errors
• html, xhtml, css
• images optimization

Website Maintenance

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• Optimise Images
• Optimise CSS
• Optimise Javascript/Java
• Optimise HTML
• Optimise MySQL / MariaDB

Server Administrator

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• Setup Server • Customise Settings • Install Server Software • Upgrade PHP • Security Audit • Apache Upgrade • MySQL upgrades • Repair / Upgrades • and more etc

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Looking for someone to migrate your website but don't understand the lingo or terminology behind the technology? You are not alone, let one of the Yuppie professionals do it for you and be done with it. All our work is guaranteed and done till you are 100% satisfied.

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Why Host Yuppie?

  • From start to finish we are with you 100%
  • We get your data from point A to point B quickly and securely.
  • cPanel, WHM, Centos, Fedora, Linux, Plesk, phpMyadmin, MySQL and more...
  • We have extensive knowledge of Wordpress, Forums, CMS, Joomla etc...
  • All migrations, upgrades and installs are done within 24 hours of initial request.
  • We offer competitve prices for all professional services!


Best web hosting I have ever used, I will never go back to that other host that made me feel so blue !

Jim McNeil,

You guys win hands down for reliability, features & support, keep up the good work.

Andrew Henderson, Leeds,